Temple History

Sri Nallur KandaSwamy Kovil-Canada

History and Mystery



It was professor Mr.K.kailaisanatha Kurukal who named this temple as  NallurKandaswamy Kovil-Canada and laid the foundation in 1998, and with the help of Thevaseenathipathy  of kumpakonam swamy malai  India, all the gods Images were made. Later these God images that were created were brought to the Temple of nallur kandaswamy Kovil of Toronto in the early   year 2000.

In the month of June and July 2000 Maha kumbabiseam was begun with all necessary religious rites and on the 10th of July 2000 SriLanka Navaliyoor Viswanthakurukal completed the ceremony at the auspicious time of  our spiritual calendar from this day onwards poojas are preformed 6 times daily in a special way.

In this temple all religious celebrations are done in the manner it is done in Jaffna Nallur Kandaswamy Temple. Also the structure of this building is erected in accordance to the structure of the nallur kandaswamy kovil Jaffna, in srilanka.

The yearly 27 day ceremony, weekly and monthly holy celebrations in the manner of nallur kandaswamy temple of Jaffna.

Outside sri-lanka this is the first temple, where a huge image of Navalar Peruman was installed. On every Saturdays, the hindu devotees assemebled in this temple to sing the glory of God, thevaram, thiruvasagam, thirupugal. And 12 Thirumurai and the study of Kandapuranam, because of this our lord is called as Thirumurai kandan.

In addition to this, we cater to the need of hindu tamil children to memorize songs of great hindu sages…thevaram thiruvasagam and thirupugal. We hold competitions for children who memorize these devotional songs. With the divine grace of our lord nallur kandan, we have brought a land for the erection of a permanent building of this temple. We request all of our devotees to join hands and finance for the successful completion of the holy temple of our lord Nallurkandan of Toronto and to have the blessings of our lord Murugan.

Nallur Kandaswamy Thevasthanam- Canada